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Press Release FAQ's

1What's a Press Release?
A press release serves as an official public statement from your business or organization.
2Why should I care?
For relatively little money, a properly executed press release can receive nationwide coverage across hundreds of media outlets. This can build awareness of your company, product, or service, and drive sales. Moreover, press releases are widely consumed by business leaders and investors and can create new opportunities for your organization.
3What does a good Press Release look like?
Here's a great press release we executed for our client, Hybrid Tech, in early 2017. This release saw big qualitative and quantitative returns for our client including increased inquiries, sales, and hugely beneficial impact to their SEO.
4How much does it cost?
Press releases through us cost just $300 each, if you provide the content, and $500 if you want us to draft and revise the content.Additionally, all clients on the Silver, Gold, or Platinum package receive press releases at a discount.
Sample Press Release from Gromek Co.

Sample Press Release from Gromek Co.