Altcoin Dev Q&A: E-Currency Coin (ECC)
May 22, 2017

Cryptocurrency Developments

$2000 - Bitcoin is Dead! Long live Bitcoin!

Launching the new website has correlated quite nicely with developments in the cryptocurrency community so let’s start there!

One of my biggest regrets is seeing the launch of Bitcoin back in the late 2000’s and saying to myself, “Eh, I’ll pass on that.”

By the time 2012-2013 rolled around, I was at least somewhat aware of my failure to capitalize on Bitcoin, and involved myself in the burgeoning Dogecoin community on reddit – a goofy bunch of people brought together by a mutual interest in cryptocurrency and love of dog memes. A match made in heaven. By 2014, I was knee deep in Active Duty and having kids, so my love of Doge had been put aside for the greater good.

Fortunately, my favorite internet community has seen a resurgence this week!

Two major pieces of news hit the crypto markets this week. First, and most important – Bitcoin surpassed $2,000 per coin – Yes I am still kicking myself.

Additionally, the combined Altcoin market cap actually surpassed the Bitcoin market cap for the first time ever!

Both of these events have caused the cryptocurrency market to go totally bananas and while “all that goes up must come down”, I think we are seeing the emergence of a new era in crypto. Currency based on politics is ultimately inferior to currency based on math, and that hard truth is made infinitely more palatable in a world where world politics are in a state of near constant disarray. We’re now in a world where fiat currencies and all of their associated political ties are looking increasingly unstable by comparison to Blockchain technology.

Aside from all that heady stuff, I am bullish on Dogecoin precisely because its not that heady. It is cryptocurrency for the masses – a friendly dog mascot, fundamentally secure and reliable technology and self-marketed by a dedicated community of meme loving goofballs. It’s also cheap and cheerful – you can currently get over 1 million Ð for about $1,800 USD. Definitely attractive for upside potential.

For my part, I’ll be covering Dogecoin as well as a couple other Altcoins that have caught my eye. I’m particularly interested in the dev teams that are involved in Espers (ESP) and E-CurrencyCoin (ECC), respectively. Espers is integrating an in-wallet mining function, and ECC is working diligently on filesharing and messaging via the blockchain – developments which could be massive.

You can find out more about Dogecoin(DOGE), Espers (ESP), and E-CurrencyCoin (ECC) right HERE on our Cryptocurrency page.

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