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Altcoin Dev Q&A: E-Currency Coin (ECC)

With the world experiencing a historic interest in cryptocurrency, I wanted to showcase some of the altcoin developers I’ve been following, hopefully as a recurring thing. The technology is still cutting edge and the folks involved with it are largely outside of the public eye. If you want to get up to speed with crypto, you can find my more detailed post about Cryptocurrency developments here and our Crypto landing page for newbies here.

Griffith is the lead developer for E-Currency Coin (ECC), an altcoin he’s been working on for over a year under the banner of his development team, Crypto United. Full disclosure: I own some ECC as well as several other altcoins.

Check out the interview below:

Q: Grif, thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. I know you’ve been busy! Before we get to your project, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved in cryptocurrency?

Griffith: I am a blockchain enthusiast with a BS in Network Security and System Administration. I got introduced into blockchain my freshman year of college and started off mining on 8 GPUs with my roommate in our dorm room.

Q: It feels like Bitcoin and the Altcoin market are having a historic moment right now. What is your sense of things? Do you feel its a bubble or has the ground shifted?

Griffith: I think the ground has shifted. More and more people are seeing the utility of these technologies and the value that they hold. As more and more countries consider bitcoin as a valid system the value will continue to go up. There are 7 billion people and only 21 million coins. Each one will be worth quite a bit.

Q: What can you tell us about E-Currency Coin (ECC) and the work you’ve been doing there?

Griffith: ECC is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that rewards its users that leave their wallets online helping support the node count of the network.

Q: If I am a trader looking to make some money in crypto, why should I look at ECC over some of the other coins out there?

Griffith: ECC will be implementing a new node system that is rather unique to the other crypto currencies out there. I am in the process of adding email and file storage to the ECC blockchain through a multi-tier node system. This would be one of the first cryptocurrencies with a node system of this kind.

Q: And which exchanges is ECC currently available on?

Griffith: You can get started here at Coin Exchange.

Q: What one tip you have for folks looking to get into cryptocurrency?

Griffith: Be careful! there have been a lot of scams in the cryptospace recently (leocoin, onecoin, mtGox, cryptsy). carefully researching a coin before buying in is the best way to keep yourself save. It is not only important to look at what has been promised but what has been done by the devs already (have they already delivered on previous promises if there were any). How old the coin is might also be a good indicator. Newer coins have a higher chance of being scams than coins that are a year old or more.

Q: And where can folks download the wallet and get started and find you on social media?

Griffith: You can download the wallet at and you can find our Twitter here.


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